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November 14, 2016 7:25 AM

When Everybody Gets It Wrong tagged “Pundit”

Individuals get it wrong. Brands get it wrong. What happens when everybody gets it wrong? Let's start here: this is not a show about politics. Let's be honest: this is a show about politics. There has been nothing more polarizing... Read more

By Mitch Joel


August 26, 2009 9:09 PM

Rethinking The Link Economy tagged “Pundit”

There is no question that the value in reading online (and this is everything from long editorial pieces to Blog postings and Twitter) is the links (or hyperlinks as we used to call them), but things may be changing. The... Read more

By Mitch Joel

May 6, 2008 8:34 PM

Is Witnessing The Same As Being A Journalist? tagged “Pundit”

After listening to one of my favourite Podcasts, For Immediate Release - The Hobson and Holtz Report, I was struck with a thought about those who have become Citizen Journalists (pretty much any one of us who can report on... Read more

By Mitch Joel