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An Inconvenient Truth

February 8, 2017 8:28 PM

The Brands That You Live For tagged “An Inconvenient Truth”

I watched the documentary Citizenfour the other night. It was on Netflix. It's from 2014. It's a documentary about Edward Snowden. There are lots of movies about this topic. I haven't seen them all. You know how it is... you save a... Read more

By Mitch Joel


April 2, 200910:53 PM

Start A Movement tagged “An Inconvenient Truth”

Without a doubt, the number one question asked about these new Digital Marketing channels is this: do people really care and want brands to participate in online social networks? Most brand managers have a hard time believing that anyone cares... Read more

By Mitch Joel

September 13, 200811:53 AM

Back To Business Reading List tagged “An Inconvenient Truth”

Back to school or back to business, it's that time of the year when all of us hunker down and try to make our numbers (or grades). It's high season for great books and 2008 has some gems that I'm... Read more

By Mitch Joel

August 18, 2008 7:16 AM

Because That's The Way It Has Always Been tagged “An Inconvenient Truth”

Floating through my news feeds this morning, I noticed this item from Wired: Happy Birthday, Compact Disc. Now Go Away. Did you know that yesterday was the 26th birthday of the CD? "On this day in 1982, Sony and Philips... Read more

By Mitch Joel

April 26, 2008 4:40 PM

What If Everything We Knew About Marketing And Advertising Until Now Was An Anomaly? tagged “An Inconvenient Truth”

Just a blip in the history of the world. Didn't really mean much of anything, and was only the first generation of Marketing, Advertising and Communications. Think about that. Marketing, Advertising and Communications had really not changed all that much... Read more

By Mitch Joel