May 9, 2013 11:06 PM

You Don't Have A Branding Problem...

You have a marketing problem.

How many meetings have you sat in where people want to refresh the logo, redo the website, create a mobile app, build a Facebook page, get new brochures and more because they think that they're having a problem getting their message through to their potential audience? The issue is systematic. Unfortunately, too many marketers think that they have a branding problem. That the message that they have is simply not connecting to an intended audience.

Maybe that is all wrong.

Before you go changing things, take a deep breath... a few steps back and ask yourself this:

Tough questions. True questions.

All too often people think they're doing something wrong... or not doing anything at all. My experience (twenty years and going) says this: most people don't know what they have and spend too much time doing the whole, "the grass is greener" thing. So, even if they keep adding and redoing, they're still not doing the hard work of figuring out who is doing what and why. It's better to point to something else, blame a logo, think the website is not performing or buy more advertising instead of truly understanding what there is, what is working (and what isn't) and what has been done to rectify and optimize. Yes, marketing optimization has been on the brain lately. It's mostly there because we (finally) have the technology, data and information to know. To know everything. To fix it. To do the right thing.

And so... let's fix the logo? Or... let's fix our marketing?