November 1, 2013 8:08 PM

A Fascinating Point Of View

We have all marveled at Chris Hadfield and his work on the International Space Station.

And, if you haven't marveled at his acumen for social media and connecting people to space unlike others have, please watch this:

(yes, that's him singing).

And let's not forget about Twitter.

Hadfield would regularly tweet updates from space, respond to questions from students and even send pictures from his amazing view. What got a significant amount of attention were his hilarious tweets with William Shatner (aka Star Trek's Captain Kirk). Here's the exchange:

Yes, Hadfield is just that awesome.

Now that he's back on earth, he has retired from government and recently published a book titled, An Astronaut's Guide To Life. He will also be doing speaking events (in fact, we have the same talent bureau... so I'm hopeful that we'll get to meet in person soon). This past week, he spent over thirty minutes on the massively popular program Q With Jian Ghomeshi and it is truly fascinating and motivating to watch his story.

Enjoy this amazing conversation about motivation, career paths and our beautiful planet...