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November 19, 2004 1:30 PM

YES Montreal Launches Book, Business Skills For Creative Souls - The Montreal Artist's Handbook

Last night at the Avmor Museum in beautiful Old Montreal, Youth Employment Services (YES Montreal) held their book launch for Business Skills For Creative Souls - The Montreal Artist's Handbook. A while back the organization (where I sit on the Board of Directors) asked if I would be involved in the project. As a member of the Book Advisory Committee and a Contributor I find it amazingly beautiful and humbling to finally hold the final, vibrant book in my hands.

The entire staff at YES Montreal truly deserves a standing ovation. Their artist initiative has really picked up steam in the past two years and the household names that contributed to this handy Handbook are staggering. I especially love former Just For Laughs Comedy Festival CEO and current President of Airborne Entertainment, Andy Nulman's, testimonial: "More than a mere book, consider this to be a chastity belt for your psyche; use it properly and you won't get screwed."

If you are or know of any artists trying to make a go of it in Montreal, this is must-read material. You can order the book online here.

By Mitch Joel