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August 1, 201110:38 PM

When It Comes To Your Work: Stay Calm

Do you follow Alain de Botton?

I was first introduced to Alain de Botton when Julien Smith (In Over Your Head and the co-author of Trust Agents along with Chris Brogan) first dropped a copy of The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work on my desk. Here's a good, general rule of thumb: if Julien Smith says something is worth reading, then read it. de Botton is not easy reading. It's deep, it's emotional and it's philosophical. All of his books are smart and de Botton's true skill is in using words to get you to think about your own existence.

We're an anxious bunch when it comes to work.

What is it about our work that makes us so stressed and worried? In this TED Talk, de Botton looks at success, anxiety and how to-rethink how you think about your work and life. It's 17 minutes... and it's worth every second...

By Mitch Joel