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April 16, 2009 8:36 PM

What's Really Happening Online

There was some fascinating data and statistics released on Tuesday from Nielsen Online according to the Marketing Charts news item, Average American Surfed 2,554 Pages in March, on the Internet habits and usage of Americans.

Here's a breakdown of what's really happening online:

  • The average American visited 111 internet domains in March 2009.
  • They surfed an average of 2,554 web pages in that one month.
  • The duration of time spent on a web page was about 56 seconds.
  • The top three parent companies (divisions) for the month were Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.
  • More than 137 million users visited at least one Google-owned site (or launched a Google application).
  • AOL was the 4th largest, but had the longest amount of time spent per person (3 hours and 45 minutes).
  • Facebook users spent an average of 3 hours and 16 minutes on the site during the month of March.

With Google announcing their numbers today and these statistics, it looks like the overall health of the online channel continues to grow, morph and develop.

Do you find it weird that some companies still question the audience and strength of the online channel?

By Mitch Joel