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April 6, 2009 5:05 PM

What Three URLs Are On Your Mind Today?

What's on your mind today? What three URLs have you been looking at more than usual today? I wish I remembered where I saw this question asked (or who asked it) over the weekend (it must have been on Twitter).

Here are the three URLs that are my mind today:

1. MarketingVox - whether it's great stats or interesting/breaking news items in the online marketing world, nothing beats MarketingVox. I was just reading an amazing article they published today called, Online Journalists Pin Hopes on Ads, Fret about Values. It's actually astonishing how often they have relevant news items and articles.

2. Google News - through the personalization to the global perspective, Google News has quickly become one of the only tabs I always keep open and frequently refresh in my browser. Some of the more "breaking news" I tweet about usually comes from something on Google News. Today, it's been used mostly to keep up on the earthquake in Italy and the North Korea rocket launch.

3. Online Journalism Blog - This is one of those Blogs that is so rich with content on a constant and consistent basis that it's almost overwhelming. Almost. Today, I was catching up on the post, What's the future for local and regional media? If you like this one, Journalism 2.0 is also amazing. That one had a post today titled, The future of journalism depends on the future of the Internet. Great stuff.

What three URLs are on your mind today?

By Mitch Joel