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February 26, 200811:56 PM

What Motivates You?

There are a couple of thoughts rattling around my noggin' today. For perspective, I'm currently bouncing around on a United flight from Halifax to Chicago (lots of turbulence). The flight was severely delayed, so I have no idea if I can make my flights from Chicago to San Francisco, and then from San Francisco on to Monterey to attend the TED Conference (at the rate things are going, I'll be arriving a little late to TED - update - I stuck in Chicago). I spent the day in Halifax speaking at the Power Within. It's a full-day of live presentations by people like Anthony Robbins, Loretta LaRoche, Mike Lipkin, etc... it's hard to be frustrated by travel after speaking in front of 5,000 people at the local arena (apparently, Ozzy Osbourne just played two nights in the same venue) and getting the warm reception I received. It's equally hard to be frustrated when I know (at some point), I'll be attending my first TED Conference.

I've Blogged poetic about my love for all things TED (especially, the TED Talks).

It got me thinking: what motivates you?

As someone who is interested in Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Public Relations, what inspires and motivates you to wake up every day and think, "how can I use Marketing, technology and all of these new channels of connectivity and creativity to really engage my consumers or my client's customers?"

It's not an easy question to answer.

Personally. I spend a significant amount of time (and money) pursuing "growth." I try to divide it up between the mind, body and spirit (though, admittedly, a lot of the time, I get a two-fer-one - if not more). I'm inquisitive, curious and not afraid to ask questions or put myself out there. This is not ego Blogging. More often than not, I do it to report back to you (be it here on the Blog, or on the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast) because I learn even more by sharing.

The added layer is that I have always been a community-minded individual. I've seen the benefits of helping and adding value in a community, and I've watched the benefactors and the results they get.

Last night during dinner someone asked me if all of this online social networking and Social Media stuff is disconnecting people from real-life conversations? If people needed to "get out a little more" and stop worrying about Second Life because they're missing out on real life. It became abundantly clear, at that moment, that the majority of people still perceive online to be about lonely people connecting digitally to other lonely people as a way to avoid physically meeting.

I look at the unconference movement. I think about my twitter community. I reflect back on the fact that I attended my first Power Within event after discovering it during a Google search, and how I probably would not be attending TED at all were it not for the people I've read, followed and met through these channels.


I'm more motivated than ever. I'm learning more and connecting more, and I know this makes me a better Marketer. I can see how many people would look at events like the Power Within or TED and wonder why I'm there, and not at Ad:Tech or SXSW. It's not because I have Digital Marketing overload. It's because I believe that true motivation (for me) will come from expanding my circle and trying new and different things (breaking the fishbowl).

So, when I finally do get Monterey, CA and register at TED, I can start all over again. I can spend a few days hearing from speakers I've never heard of and only knowing a couple of people who are attending.

New day. New journey.

All of it documented right here for all of us to share and connect to - now that's motivating.

By Mitch Joel