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December 14, 2009 5:49 PM

What Matters Now

Some people are creative with music, others with art. Some are wonders with architecture and others can do amazing things through the beauty of dance. Seth Godin is hyper-creative with words (that is his art). Not just any old words, but words about business.

It actually goes well beyond the words that the best-selling business book author writes, and into how we read them. He is generous with him time and generous with his thoughts (just take a read through his Blog: Seth's Blog). Part of his generosity involves getting others to think creatively with words. Today, Seth Godin launched a new (and free) e-book titled, What Matters Now. In What Matters Now, Godin asked many people he knows to choose a theme and write one page worth of insights on that theme (take a look at who contributed - talk about star-studded!).

It is an amazing journey of business and leadership thought.

I was honoured that Godin asked me to contribute to this project. The theme I chose is: "compassion". Here's a part of it:

"We spend more than 50% of our lives at work. Why would anyone want to wake up in the morning and go to work with that attitude? If you don't make it
personal, and if you don't make it count, what's the point? Business is missing one important core value: compassion."

Being only one small cog in this What Matters Now wheel is fun, but reading what everybody else came up with and seeing how beautiful the layout and design of this e-book is, is what makes this project so special.

You can check it out right here (and yes, you can download and share it with everyone for free): What Matters Now.

By Mitch Joel