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April 30, 200910:01 PM

What Is Your Homepage?

With any modern web browser, you don't just have to choose one homepage every time you open your browser. The ability to have multiple tabs opened means that you can have multiple homepages all of the time.

My current default web browser is Google Chrome.

Here are my default homepages:

  • Google Reader - feeds, feeds and more feeds. From Blogs and news to some great websites I would never have the chance to visit frequently enough. Google Reader helps keep me informed.
  • Twitter - though I wish I could have multiple accounts opened at once (yes, I use TweetDeck as well), taking a quick glance at my Twitter feed enables me to see if something is brewing or breaking in the world.
  • Facebook - with over 200 million people connected, Facebook is my primary online social network.
  • Six Pixels of Separation - this gives me the ability to look at the comments and wonder how I can add more value.
  • Google News - this page is customized to my interests, so it includes sections on marketing, international business and some more obscure news searches like "Montreal" and my own name. With the aggregation power of Google News, it's hard to feel like you're out of loop with what's going on in the world after a quick glance.
  • Techmeme - there are many great technology Blogs, but Techmeme seems to have not only the most recent breaking news and insights, but it's also got some great links. It is an amazing technology news aggregator.

Those are my six tabs that are on my homepage.

What's on your homepage?

By Mitch Joel