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September 22, 2006 6:58 AM

Weblo - First Montreal And Now The World... Virtually

Antennas up!

This is a prime example of me not listening enough. A former client of Twist Image got involved in a new online company called Weblo. At the time, the website had nothing more than a Flash intro on it that came off (to me) as a lot of hype and little else.

Imagine my surprise to see an article about this new website on the cover of the Montreal Gazette yesterday and then a heap-load of PR, emails and news about the soon-to-launch online world.

What is Weblo? I thought PC did a great job in their article, I Just Bought Ottawa, of describing it:

"The brainchild of Montreal's Rocky Mirza, is best described as a parallel universe where players can buy assets with real money and reap real returns for everything from advertising to celebrity management to property taxes. For example, you can buy a domain such as and share in ad revenues from the site (weblo is wooing real advertisers for this). You can even link this 'in game' site to your actual real world website and use it as a promotion tool. Any non-brand specific domain which exists in the real world is available to buy in the Weblo world. The same goes for provinces and cities - you can buy Ontario for a mere US$16,000 and, believe it or not, Rocky tells me he has a waiting list to buy this virtual province when launches on September 26."

If you thought Second Life would melt your brain, how do you feel now?

Online alternate realities are taking shape. They're driven by real traffic and people with real money.

Learn more about Weblo here: PC - I Juts Bought Ottawa.

By Mitch Joel