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February 15, 2004 9:12 PM

We Interrupt This Mobile Phone With A Word From Our Sponsors…

I was just checking out the latest tech news on Yahoo! and came across this story, titled: Bluetooth Wireless Resurrected with New Gadgets. While the root of the story sounds cool – lots of wireless products working good, working fast and able to inter-connect, it comes shortly after a 5-7 cocktail I attended the other night where a person I had met was just back from Holland. Apparently, his mobile phone kept getting spam email, sms messages and even unwanted ringtones. Word is these rogue marketing firms are “bluejacking” people with unwanted advertising, marketing and ringtones. That’s right spam for your mobile device. Though it sounds sucky, you have to admit the term “bluejack” is pretty cool.

By Mitch Joel