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July 18, 200610:02 PM

The Power Within Is Next Week In Edmonton

All of the fluids are leaving my body. I have plenty of anticipation and anxiousness over next week.

I am speaking, for the first time, at a Power Within event. It is next Friday in Edmonton with Dr. Phil as the headliner.

Very cool.

Very exciting.

There should be about 5000 people there. Anyone with experience talking to a crowd of that magnitude - now is your chance to shed some light and shoot me some serious pointers.

I am going to be discussing the power of personal branding, why it's important to understand your own personal brand and what you can do to really make your personal brand work for you.

It's been an amazing experience putting together this Power Within presentation. I've had tons of help from the team at Twist Image and also some other coaches and advisors who came forward and added tremendous value.

There is a digital marketing component to this presentation (as you might have guessed), The Internet and new forms of Digital Marketing (i.e. social media) now allow us, as individuals, to speak to millions of people. In fact, I would argue that social media (Web 2.0 - or whatever you want to call it this week) helps people build their personal brand like we have never seen before. Don't believe me? Ask Kyle how he feels about trading his One Red Paperclip for a house or go and see how many friends Forbidden has over at MySpace.

If you live in and around the Edmonton area and would like to meet up - let me know.

For more information on the event: The Power Within - Edmonton - Dr. Phil.

By Mitch Joel