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May 10, 200911:09 AM

The Mother Of All Inventions – A Look At The Internet

Here's a pretty bold quote from the TED website about Tim Berners-Lee: "Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. He leads the World Wide Web Consortium, overseeing the Web's standards and development."

This is a fascinating TED Talk that looks at what the Web was, what he thought it would be, what it became and - most importantly - where it is going. Take fifteen minutes this weekend to imagine what the coming world is going to look like from somebody who changed the way we interact with technology and one another. If some of the stuff he says goes a little over your head or makes you feel uncomfortable, it's supposed to. All great changes and shifts disrupt and seem somewhat irrational when first introduced.

You can also watch the video over on the TED website here: Tim Berners-Lee - The next Web of open, linked data.

By Mitch Joel