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September 27, 201011:58 PM

The Future Of Online Video

Video is what video is. You can shoot it cheaply or you can produce cinematic quality. Is it ever going to change?

In many instances, it takes someone who is not an expert in a specific area/channel to truly point out the major cultural shifts that are taking place in our world. Have you ever really stopped to think about what our YouTube generation is actually doing to our global conscience? Does that sound like radical thinking? Is it possible that people shooting videos of dogs skateboarding, baby panda bears sneezing or teenagers re-enacting their favorite professional wrestling antics are ever going to change the world? We have to appreciate that beneath the veneer of the asinine videos is a deep wealth of new information, stories and issues that connects us all (you just have to dig beneath the gloss of the haul videos to find it).

There is a video what will show you the future of online video. 

Chris Anderson is a fascinating individual. As the curator of TED, he acts as host and chief instigator in not only one of the most fascinating conferences (one that I am proud to attend), but in helping to bring people together to discuss and ideate around some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that face our world. His global perspective has helped to open up the many presentations that take place in TED's highly-exclusive events. Known as TED Talks, these video presentation have been seen millions and millions of times and translated into hundreds of languages. Most recently, Anderson presented the concept of Crowd Accelerated Innovation at the TED Global 2010 event.

Here is 19-minutes on the future of online video...

By Mitch Joel