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June 28, 200510:35 AM

The Fast Company Weblog - FC Now - Best Business Blogs

Heath Row just posted to The Fast Company Magazine Weblog, FC Now, Best Business Blogs.

Row states: "What are your favorite company-run blogs? Internal-yet-authentic blogs that show what it's really like to work for a fast company? Tell us...."

One of our folks kindly posted about the Twist Image Blog and soon after I saw posts for the following business Blogs:

- Perception Analyzer Dial.Log
- Adventures In Small Business
- BizRevolution (in Portuguese)
- Envirolet Buzz
- SwimBlog

What do you think? Is Fast Company Magazine on the nose or are people just hesitant to post?

I know this will be updated regularly, so feel free to visit the Fast Company Magazine Blog, FC Now here: Best Business Blogs.

By Mitch Joel