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July 13, 2012 8:05 PM

The Evolution Of The Internet

If you have two hours to kill this weekend...

I'd love to tell you that I watched this in one long sitting, but I did not. This is a program called, Evolution Of The Internet. It was recorded in Monterey, California at the end of May. It is available through the C-SPAN video library and it is a two-hour conversation about the evolution of the Internet and where it's going, featuring: Arianna Huffington (The Huffington Post), Vint Cerf (one of the fathers of the Internet and Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google) and Larry Magid (technology analyst for CBS News and founder of

Great conversation.

The Internet is not just about young kids. That's not making fun of the collective age of this panel, but rather a testament to over two decades of commercialization, maturation and development. Ironically, the skepticism over the Internet's credibility is still challenged. The truth is that the Internet is both a revolution and evolution (something this group debates almost right out of the gates).

Where is all of this taking us?

They cover a lot of ground in this program, so I not only recommend that you watch it, but keep a notebook near by as it will inspire you with ideas. Unfortunately, C-SPAN is not allowing me to embed this video below, so you'll have to watch it by going here: Evolution Of The Internet.

Please feel free to add your takeaways from the program below.

By Mitch Joel