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November 6, 2010 2:57 PM

The Best Piece Of Management Advice I Ever Received

What is the best piece of management advice you have ever received or heard?

The Art of Management is coming to Toronto on November 15th, 2010 for a full-day of speakers on management and innovation. I am honored to have been chosen to speak at this event and share the stage with Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, Blink, Outliers, etc...), Michael Eisner (former CEO, Walt Disney Company and best-selling author of, Working Together and Work In Progress), Simon Sinek (Start With Why) and Nilofer Merchant (The New How). It's going to be an incredible day (you can view the full agenda here: The Art of Management - Agenda). I'll be kicking off the day with a session called, Managing In A Connected World, that will look at the new consumer, how they buy, how they think and what this means to management and running a viable business in 2010.

You can join us at The Art of Management for free if you win my contest...

I have two pairs of VIP tickets (valued at $599 per ticket) that I am going to give away. Along with that, I will personally sign a copy of my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation, for the winners and their guests at the event. Here's how it will work: in the comments section below, share with everyone the best piece of management advice you ever received or heard. On Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 at 5:00 pm, the contest will be closed and I'll pick two winners (each winner will get two tickets). As a bonus, I'm also going to choose two more winners who will each get a pair of tickets to see famed-chef and food advocate, Jamie Oliver, speak live and in-person at The Art of Cooking on November 18th, 2010 in Toronto.

If you don't want to chance it...

This is going to be an amazing event. I half-jokingly told the organizers that I'm thrilled to be going first, so that I can spend the rest of the day in the audience learning, growing and networking. You do not want to miss The Art of Management. The organizers have also created a discounted ticket price for those in the Twist Image and Six Pixels of Separation community. You get $50 off per person/per ticket or $100 off when purchasing 3 or more tickets to The Art of Management. All you have to do is use promo "TWIST" at this link: The Art of Management Promo Code Ticket Purchase. You can also call them at: 1-866-992-7863.

So, what are you waiting for? what is the best piece of management advice you have ever received?


The winners of VIP tickets (two per winner) for The Art of Management are:

  • Deborah Bakker.
  • Pamela Hackett.

The winners of tickets (two per winner) for Jamie Oliver are:

  • Kim McWatt.
  • Darius Bashar.

All winners will be notified via email shortly with details on how to claim their prize. Many thanks to everyone who participated, and please don't stop distilling your great management advice - the content in the comments are amazing.

By Mitch Joel