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July 27, 2011 2:01 PM

The 10 Trends In Technology You Must Pay Attention To

"Technology" is always a funny word for Marketers. While some are starting to embrace it, the majority of Marketing Professionals are scared of technology.

Following technology and tech trends has always been a key area of interest for me, personally. From the early days of personal computing to the first modems and connectivity, I've had a love affaire (no, geek affaire?) with technology, gadgets and the evolution of connectivity. When new platforms come out (like Google +), I feel more informed when I spend time understanding what the technology analysts think about it (along with the marketing and communications professionals).

Don't believe the hype.

The challenge comes in how you filter the information (because there is so much of it) and how to stay away from the hyperbole versus those who are looking at the data and opportunity. I knew the name, Roger McNamee, tangentially through some random news items, but his recent presentation, 10 Hypotheses for Technology Investing, at The Paley Center for Media hit on so many thoughts I have been grappling with about technology and media (hat-tip to Bob Lefsetz for pointing this presentation out to me).

Spend the next hour with this presentation (it will give you fresh insights and perspectives).

I know how valuable your time is, so trust me when I say that this 50 minute presentation will be worth your time...

By Mitch Joel