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November 14, 200410:06 AM

Testing The New Microsoft Search Engine... And Discovering My Roots

I was just perusing Tom Peters' Blog and saw his post about Microsoft's new Search Engine (still in Beta) and their head-to-head attack for Google's space. My first instinct was to pull an ego-surf (you know type in my name in quotations, "Mitch Joel," to see what pops up). Much to my surprise I found this link from an old friend and present colleague that I used to hire for articles in my old magazines about tech and "what's next."

His post next to an article he wrote for one of my publications (Enrage Magazine) is: "*Interesting aside: Enrage, published by Mitch Joel, was arguably one of the earliest magazines in the world to go online. When I laid eyes on the World Wide Web for the first time, on a Sun SPARCstation running Mosaic, my words were already there. That was an experience."

I guess I'm starting to show my stripes.You can view Mark's stuff here and the article, "Enrage on the Net: Enrage Magazine becomes one of the world's first magazines on the World Wide Web.* (Enrage, 1994)," here.

As for MSN's search tool - it needs more prodding, so I'm going to follow some tricks I learned from Tara Calishain of Research Buzz fame before making any declarations. So far, it seems impressive but not impressive enough to switch me away from Google... just yet.

By Mitch Joel