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August 26, 2006 7:40 AM

TELUS Expands Into Second Life

Imagine my surprise to see TELUS in Second Life. One of Canada's leading communications companies has created a presence in Second Life. It even looks like the retail spaces they maintain in Real Life.

I had heard about the initiative last week through a friend who works at TELUS, and this post: RL Telco Says Hello To SL from Blog. I finally got a chance to stop in this morning. I met Sparkle Dale (Second Life name) who is an advertising manager for TELUS when she's not building their next retail space in the Metaverse. Sparkle Dale took on this TELUS in Second Life initiative as a hobby and passion (their presence is pretty rocking and very on brand).

I got hooked up with a Black Motorola Razr phone (which anyone can buy with Linden Dollars). At this point, the phone's functionality is limited to shooting off busy messages and other little apps, but you can just imagine the potential for integration with VOIP, Skype and even your real-life mobile device down the road.

I'm proud to see TELUS take the leap and get involved in this new community. It's also great to see a company that allowed one of their passionate employees to really run with an idea.

If you have Second Life, you can check out their space here: TELUS in Second Life.

By Mitch Joel