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November 26, 2007 9:38 PM

Technorati Rank - Blogroll The Charts And The Blogger's Guide To SEO

Does anyone understand Technorati Rank? A few weeks back, I dropped from eight thousand and something (out of the one hundred millions plus Blogs that Technorati tracks) to twelve thousand and something (not a good thing). I noticed this morning that I was in the low ten thousands, so I asked a bunch of friends on twitter to head over to Technorati and "favorite" this Blog and/or the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast in hopes that it would enable me to crack the big top 10k. About an hour after that I cracked the top ten thousand (felt good to be home), then by later this afternoon, I was stuck at 10,018 and now - at least check - I'm at 9985... but for how long?

How does Technorati ranking work? How do I drop two thousand spots in a couple of hours... is it the people who link to me, is it the amount of comments, is it the amount of Blog postings, or is it all of the above? (or none of the above)? I've heard many people comment that "Technorati is broken." I actually love it for many reasons, but I'm stumped on how the ranking works and curious as to why I care so much about my Blog's ranking?

In the spirit of my Blog posting, Your Blog And Podcast Are Not Enough - Start Adding Comments, I've decided to also clean up my Blogroll (which I call - Check Out The Blogs) - right over here on the left navigation. Slowly, over the course of the coming months, I'm going to remove the Blogs I don't follow any more and add the one's I love, but have not had the time to add. I'm also doing this in the hopes that others will update their own Blogroll (and, hopefully, add me if they are a serious fan). My guess is that this will impact everything from Technorati rankings to Google natural search engine results. So, while it won't be on one specific day, I'm doing my own Blogroll version of Bum Rush The Charts in the hopes of connecting to more and more Blogs that I love (and getting some real and sincere reciprocated links in the process). This is not link bait and no, I'm not accepting Blog applications to be on my Blogroll (I know who's missing and who needs to be there). Maybe if other Bloggers do their own Blogroll The Charts, some semblance of sanity will return... dare to dream.

I'm also very engaged by The Blogger's Guide To SEO posted by SEO Book (great SEO Blog). Here's their explanation on this goldmine of content:

"While we wrote a 300+ page book about SEO, only a dozen pages are needed to cover how to do SEO for a blog. Why? As search improves, Google and other search engines collect more data, which allows them to rank blogs based on how well people trust those blogs."

There is so much information available in The Blogger's Guide To SEO, that I'm going to shut up now and encourage you to go and check it out here: SEO Book - The Blogger's Guide To SEO.

By Mitch Joel