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December 19, 2007 7:36 PM

Share 2007 - The Holiday Greeting Website From Twist Image - Check It Out...

The emails are going out to the Twist Image distribution list as I type this, but I thought I would post the link to our holiday greeting here for you to enjoy as well. The fact is, you're a huge part of my community and I'm thankful for your kindness and attention.

Here is our holiday greeting this year: Share 2007 - Happy Holidays from Twist Image.

Last year we got quite a bit of recognition for our holiday greeting entitled, Share 2006. It was a micro-site with twelve online videos that we felt defined the space. The site also allowed our visitors to rate, comment and share the videos with family and friends.

In keeping with the same spirit, we went out and asked twelve very influential (and well-known) people to choose one Web video and comment on why they felt it was so special.

I think you'll be surprised by who was up for the challenge, the videos they selected and why.

So, Happy Holidays from all of us at Twist Image. We hope this season - and the coming year - brings you everything your heart desires.

A special thanks to the twelve luminaries who took the time to take part in our Holiday greeting, and to the team at Twist Image who made this happen. As a Digital Marketing agency, you can imagine how many client deadlines have to be met for this time of year, so adding this into the mix was no easy feat (but it was a labour of love).

Here it is: Share 2007 - Happy Holidays from Twist Image.

By Mitch Joel