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December 27, 200711:57 PM

Seth Godin Action Figure - The Marketing Gift With A Free Prize Inside

A Seth Godin action figure? Why not? Archie McPhee is now selling the Seth Godin Marketing Guru Action Figure for $8.95 (no, I am not kidding). It comes complete with a purple tie, Mismatched socks (the place where you can only buy socks in threes and they are all mismatched) - Purple Cow not included.

I love the website copy for the Seth Godin Marketing Guru Action Figure:

"Imagine having your own personal marketing guru you can go to for advice and guidance. You could pay millions of dollars for consultants, but why not just get the Marketing Guru Action Figure? Marketing genius and famous blogger Seth Godin serves as the model for this 5.375" plastic action figure with his trademark mismatched socks and business casual clothes. Each figure comes with a free gift and the Little Book of Marketing Secrets. It's rumoured that if you want an insight into what your customers want and how they'd like to be communicated with, you can rub Seth's bald head and all will be made clear."

For those who spent all of their money on the Jon Bon Jovi action figure, you can always pick up Seth Godin's latest book - Meatball Sundae - which is in-stores now (I'll be picking up my copy this week).

I used to think that a person knows they've "made it" when they are being made fun of on Saturday Night Live. Now, it's clear, that having your own action figure is the true sign of greatness.

Get your action figure today: Seth Godin Marketing Guru Action Figure.

UPDATE: Looks like Seth Godin's latest book, Meatball Sundae, is only shipping in the next 48 hours (or so) and will be available by the New Year... sorry for the confusion.

By Mitch Joel