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June 22, 200610:15 AM

Second Life Marketing Conference

As I get more involved in Second Life, I am starting to realize how psychotic I must sound when I talk about it in real life (or First Life).

You can read about some of my Second Life antics over at Jaffe Juice here: Surreal Life.

Also, I will be attending a conference in Second Life tomorrow, Friday, June 23rd, 2006 at 12:00 (Pacific Time). It is called Avatar-Based Marketing and the location is: Berkman (114,70).

Here's the event description:

"What Is the Future for Real-Life Companies Marketing to Second Life Avatars?

A panel discussion with Harvard Business Review senior editor, Paul Hemp (aka Hempman Richard), centered around his recent article: Avatar-Based Marketing from Harvard Business Review.

Other panelists include:

- Cristiano Midnight (SLUniverse/Snapzilla, Second Life)
- SNOOPYbrown Zamboni (aka Jerry Paffendorf, Second Life Future Salon/Electric Sheep Company)
- Zero Grace (aka blogger Tony Walsh, Clickable Culture)
- Razor Rinkitink (aka Raz Schionning, Director of Web Service, American Apparel, which has just opened an outlet in Second Life )
- Hamlet Au (aka blogger Wagner James Au, New World Notes)
- Ansible Berkman (liaison, Berkman Center; moderator)."

If you are interested in attending, go to your Second Life and IM Ansible Berkman to reserve a spot.

Divo Dapto (Joseph Jaffe) and I will be there.

I know, it's weird... we'll all get used to this. Don't panic. Deep breathes. Everything's going to be just fine.

By Mitch Joel