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February 20, 2010 7:18 PM

Proving Social Media Works

The only way to get Marketers to really embrace and engage with Social Media is to prove to them that it works.

About a year ago, famed Marketing professor, Ken Wong, spoke at a private dinner event. During his talk, he pushed for Marketers to really take a serious look at the many Digital Marketing opportunities, but then cautioned the Digital Marketers in the audience that there won't ever be any kind of true groundswell unless we provide the masses with real business case studies with defined metrics that truly demonstrate success. Essentially, most businesses will not be cutting edge or bleeding edge, and they probably won't even be fast-followers. More than likely, they're looking for those who have walked down the path before them and would like to read and better understand the process, the challenges and the final metrics.

It sounds like a tall order... until now.

Tod Maffin is widely respected entrepreneur, radio guy (and Podcaster) who is always highly engaged in the Digital Marketing spheres (he's also an author and speaker). He just launched his latest project, Case Studies Online - Proven Social Media Tactics For Assured ROI, and it's pretty amazing. The database currently stores almost 300 Social Media - Digital Marketing case studies that can be searched and viewed by demographics, specific industries, types of organizations, regions and even specific tactics. So, you can look for Social Media case studies that involved moms for the automotive industry using a Facebook Fan Page, and voila! Pushing it further, you can even refine that search criteria more.

Keep in mind, this is just getting started.

Case Studies Online may not have everything you're looking for, but it's a new venture and there are probably many more case studies that need to entered into the database. The opportunity here is to play with it as it is, and to also help Tod add more and more content. So, if you've come across a case study that is not a part of this database, please let Tod know. Or, if you have ever been involved with a published case study, also make sure to let Tod know.

Imagine the opportunities in Digital Marketing if each and every one of us ensures that Case Studies Online gets constantly updated and stays up-to-date?

By Mitch Joel