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April 14, 200510:50 AM

Promotional Blogs

Former Montrealer and ClickZ regular, Tessa Weggert, has a great column in today's edition of ClickZ titled, Promotional Blogs On The Rise.

Once again, this article continues to illustrate that if you want to use Blogs for a company or promotional material, the writer better be in "go play" mode. Meaning: they write about this stuff because they love it - regardless of pay or title. If they are paid to do it and are not passionate about it, it will suck and people will see through it.

A great example that Tessa discusses is Peter Jackson, director of Lord of the Rings, and his Vlog for the upcoming remake of King Kong that he's working on.

Jackson is a reliable Vlogger because the fans know that he cares (maybe even more than they do) about the topic. He is truly interested in showing people what is going on.

We're getting down to the guts of it. Marketers have to be honest.

What a concept.

By Mitch Joel