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May 15, 200811:57 PM

PowerPoint Help

I figure I would turn to the community to see if there is something (anything) to help me with two Microsoft PowerPoint issues that I have. You can feel free to leave a message below or email directly. Please keep in mind, that this is for PowerPoint on PC, and I am using PowerPoint 2003 (mostly because when I last updated to the newer PowerPoint, the main font I use in my presentations - Akzidenz Grotesk BE Super - gets garbled up. If you have a fix for that too, I'm listening ;).

Issue #1 - I've seen on a Mac (no, I'm not switching to a Mac just yet) that you can have have the main projector screen showing the slide in slideshow mode while the computer screen shows two slides (the current one and the one coming up) as well as a timer and other goodies. Does PowerPoint do this, or is there any software/add-ins that enable you to get the same effect? I've often tried the Multiple Monitor and Presenter View to no avail.

Issue #2 - At Podcasters Across Borders, Tod Maffin had a nifty little animation in his presentation that was a countdown timer. This way, when he takes a ten minute break, everyone can see on the screen how much time is left before he starts up again. I've seen many "hacks" to get your entire screen to do this, but I liked Tod's because he could embed the animation in his deck without having to switch styles, etc... Does this exist for PC?

If you can help, I'm listening. In fact, here's what I'll do: I have two extra copies of Joseph Jaffe's excellent book, Life After The 30-Second Spot, that I will mail to the person who comes up with the best solution for each issue. I'll also toss in my audio CD, Your Personal Brand Audio Workbook for your troubles.


By Mitch Joel