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January 26, 200511:12 AM

Power Of Content - A Lesson From The UK

Love the UK or not, the way people speak here is spot on. They use words in a slang way that brings them to life, rather than turning them into dirt (something North American slang, in my opinion, is notorious for). Here are some examples:

- One of the managers was driving us to the office and discussing a woman he used to date. Instead of calling her crazy, he simply stated: "she's was a bit of a bunny boiler."

- When someone went to grab us some sandwiches, he asked us if we wanted a Coke with our meal. He could have asked us if we wanted Diet or not. He asked: "fat Coke - think Coke?"

- I also liked the tagline under my Tropicana orange juice: "With Juicy Bits" - I think that means "pulp" but it's more palpable.

When I do presentations, I often tell people that content matters by asking them this: "what do you think of when I say the word 'red'? Now, what do you think of when I say the word 'cherry'?" Very different feelings - same sort of word.

The way we say things is all we've got and it can come screaming through in a good way (but most of the times it is poorly done). I've learned much more about content just in regular conversation this week than a half year's worth of reading.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab a thin Coke.

By Mitch Joel