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January 10, 200710:51 PM

Old School Link Love From Marketing Magazine

There was a buzz around the Twist Image shop today as the January 15, 2007 edition of Marketing Magazine arrived in the mail. On the cover was a headline that read, "Our Man Mitch: He's everywhere. Twist Image head Mitch Joel's online marketing crusade. Page 11."

I thought the interview I did with Marketing Magazine's Montreal Correspondent, Danny Kucharsky, a month (or so) ago was going to be all about Twist Image and how we've grown and changed over the past year, and what this year's looking like. Then the headline on Page 11: "The Man In Black - Meet Mitch Joel Canada's Rock Star of Digital Marketing." Man, I didn't know whether to blush or start mobilizing the Twist Image team to make sure that we continue to (and always) deliver on such kind and cool accolades. Because, that's the reality of the situation - at Twist Image we are four equal partners (we've got Mark Goodman, Mickael Kanfi, Aubrey Rosenhek and myself) along with close to forty of the best and brightest in strategy, design, content, technology and client services. We can't get press like this without a completely cohesive and brilliant team that does the actual heavy lifting (and that ain't sucking up... that's a reality). I wonder how many other companies (nearly four years ago) would have allowed one of their partners to start Blogging or would entertain the idea of a weekly, unscripted, Podcast?

This article also made me pause to think about how excited everyone (yes, including me) gets over being featured in traditional media. We get quoted in other Blogs and Podcasts all of the time, but the emails and phone calls always come trickling in the most when we're being quoted on the national news or featured in a national magazine. I'm wondering if that's an indication of audience or an indication of where we put the heaviest amount of media respect?

We're very excited that Marketing Magazine saw fit to feature us in this edition. I'm hoping that we'll be able to put up a scan of the article or get an online version (the article is presently not available online, otherwise, I would gladly link to it for some more modern link love), but until then, you can be sure that my corporate bio will start with: "Canada's Rock Star of Digital Marketing." *blush*

By Mitch Joel