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January 16, 2009 7:23 AM

Not Sure Who To Follow?

One of the biggest challenges in diving into some of the newer Social Media channels is figuring out who is worth following or who is creating some of the more compelling content.

Let's be clear, just because someone has a lot of people following them or is creating a lot of content does not mean that they are really doing anything of value. That being said, why would anybody follow someone else who is not adding value and creating compelling content? And therein lies the paradox of the "quantity versus quality" debate. It's one we're never going to solve. In the Twitter world - where the content flows like the river at white water pace - having a lot of followers is a fairly good indication of how you are perceived in the community. That being said, there are many people who are great at creating compelling content on Twitter who have simply not had the exposure they deserve, or they are too new into the channel and are just building their platform.

Armando Alves from the A Source of Inspiration Blog just launched his Twitter Power 150.

"Todd Andrlik created the Power150 Ranking, now run by Advertising Age, featuring the top English-language media and marketing blogs in the world. With ranking and authority in Twitter causing quite a discussion a few weeks back, I decided nonetheless to have a shot and create the Twitter Power 150, based on the original ranking... With over 800 bloggers it would be really hard to track down all the twitter profiles, so I focused on the top 300 and with the help of Twitterank and Dapper, and partly inspired by Mack Collier’s Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs, here’s the January 2009 list for the top 150 twitter users with advertising and marketing blog:"

You can check it out for yourself here: Twitter Power 150.

While this is, by no means, the ultimate list, if you are interested in Marketing, Communications, Advertising and Public Relations and have been hesitant to jump in because you were not sure how to find the right people to connect to, clicking through some of the people on the Twitter Power 150 should give you a good indication as to who is doing what and who is worth following.

Is the Twitter Power 150 list helpful? What do you think?

By Mitch Joel