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August 8, 2006 3:23 PM

MSN Canada Responds To My Buffering Issues

MSN Canada just proved two things. One, it pays to listen. Two, it costs next to nothing.

On the weekend, I posted this: Buffering - Stop The Chop. I was pissed off because my "streaming" of Rock Star : Supernova kept getting chopped and the "buffering" message was buffing me off.

This just hit my in box. It's from Stephen Evans who is the Manager of Information Services & Merchant Platform at MSN Canada:

"Hi Mitch,

I've been reading your Blog for a few months now, and have really enjoyed your take on online marketing in the brave new world of social media (I'm an ex-Montrealer so always interested in what's going on back home, also interested in the whole BarCamp, CaseCamp phenom). I was interested to read your post 'Buffering - Stop The Chop' as MSN Video in Canada is one of my responsibilities here at MSN Canada. Our goal at MSN is to provide great content experiences for our audience, and whenever I hear a about and experience - like the one you had trying to view Rock Star Supernova, I want to find out what happened and how we can fix it. If you're okay with it, I'd like to have my Video Channel Manager reach out to you and gather some further information we can pass on to our development team. This could be a real win-win, allowing us to improve the product and better serve customers like you."

Regardless of what you think about MSN, Microsoft, etc... this is very impressive. And, they've turned the semi-negative (I know it's not MSN Canada's issue) into an engaged conversation.


Here's the big question: if MSN is listening, what possible excuse could any other company have for not listening?

By Mitch Joel