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November 21, 2006 2:24 PM

Mobile Marketing Is Going To Be An Eleven Billion Dollar Industry

More from the InfoPresse Mobile Day...

Malik Yacoubi from Mobilito was throwing mobile marketing stats all over his presentation, Au-dela de la voix... des applications qui depasent votre imagination (roughly translated as, Over And Above Voice, Here Are Some Applications That Go Beyond Your Wildest Imagination). The one that I'm going to be paying attention to is that, according to Malik, in five years, we'll be seeing an eleven billion dollar advertising industry on your mobile screen.

How do you feel about that? What if you did ask for (and want) it? Here's the billion dollar question: what type of mobile advertising will be so engaging that people will ask for (and maybe even pay for) it? (Hint: it won't be advertising. It will be content driven applications based on communities).

No need to answer so fast. We were asking that exact same question five years ago (see my last Blog posting, Are We Over Hyping Mobile Marketing... Again?). I still fret that Big Mac coupons on my mobile device is not the answer.

And here's the kicker, you had to see how annoyed people were when someone's phone started to ring... too funny. We're all here to learn about mobile marketing and yet all eyes are firing imaginary spears at the poor slob who forgot to turn their ringer off. Yeah, we're open to mobile marketing.

By Mitch Joel