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May 31, 2006 4:25 PM

MarketingSherpa Special Report - How To Market To Canadians Online

I got a call to be interviewed a few weeks ago by MarketingSherpa Contributing Editor, Dianna Huff, for a MarketingSherpa special report - How To Market To Canadians Online - Advice, Data, Legal Info and Useful Hotlinks.

The report was published today.

Here is the summary for MarketingSherpa Special Report - How To Market To Canadians Online:

"Canada is more wired than the US, and our northern neighbors spend more time online than we do.

With a $1 trillion-plus GDP and a strong Canadian currency, it's an online market ripe for picking ... if you can get around several obstacles. In MarketingSherpa's Special Report, discover:

- Dos and Don'ts for email campaigns to Canada
- Search marketing stats for Canada
- Two Canadian laws that affect online marketing

Plus, creative samples and loads of useful hotlinks."

This report touches on many key factors including our penchant for broadband access balanced by our ineptness at delivering any sort of impressive e-commerce activity.

On top of that, the article features quotes from some of Canada's best online marketers.

You can view the full report here: MarketingSherpa - How To Market To Canadians Online.

By Mitch Joel