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December 27, 200410:11 AM

Marketing Yourself In A Job Interview - It's All About Personal Branding

As I scour the planet for a full-on communications master, I have come to a few conclusions about things that should and should never be done by someone looking for a gig. And here they are... in no particular order:

- Don't downplay what you can bring to the company - most of us are looking for how you're going to add value (not what you've done)
- Do send a follow-up "thank you" email right away including answers to some of the questions that may have stumped you during the meeting
- Don't add the person who is interviewing you to your IM Buddy List
- Do remember that you are a brand - make it count and be prepped to spark great conversation
- Don't be cute and send a "fake" press release. 1 out of 2 people had "Twist Image Hires Communications Expert <insert potential employee's name here>" - feh
- Do try and remember the person's name who may hire you (I kid you not people have called me by the wrong name)
- Do make every touchpoint relevant - if you want to email or call, ask power questions that are going to improve your chances (not impede them) - Good: send an article related to an issue we discussed. Bad: Including me in a mass email about anything (we're not friends yet!)
- Do be creative
- Do something that is relevant and unique to Twist Image
- Don't make me wonder how you're going to be our communications person when you're making spelling mistakes and inappropriately communicating with me
- Do be yourself
- Do know what you're worth and ask for it
- Don't forget - you are a brand! From how you look, speak, engage to what you bring to the table

By Mitch Joel