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April 10, 200711:14 PM

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast Launches With Your Hosts John Wall And Christopher S. Penn

I nearly fell off of the stationary bike this morning. I was pedaling away while listening to the latest episode of The M Show Podcast with John Wall when he announced his newest project - a new Podcast called Marketing Over Coffee that he is co-hosting with Christopher S. Penn from the Financial Aid Podcast. I'd love to say Wall, Penn and I go way back, but we-ve only known each other for about a year. I first met them in their protein forms (re: in person) at PodCamp Boston.

I have a high level of respect for both John Wall and Chris Penn (I call Penn "Ninja" - not because he is the Marketing Ninja, but he's actually a ninja - yep, he studies Ninjitsu in Boston) and I'm proud that in the short time we've known each other, we-ve all become true friends (further proof of the power of social media).

Neither of them made a real big squeak about this new project, so after my morning workout, I subscribed to Marketing Over Coffee in iTunes and gave episode number one a listen on my drive into work.

I'm not just sucking up because I know these guys, but it was a breathe of fresh air. It starts off with Penn and Wall just talking marketing. No intros, no "this is who we are," they go straight into the conversation and you can hear that they're actually in a coffee shop. From banner ad efficacy to Google AdWords and their diminishing returns, plus the opportunity of valuable content creation and trust economies- all in under fifteen minutes.

I'm both jealous of their flow and completely hooked. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Imagine being a fly on the wall when two social media marketing guys sit down to shoot it over a cup of java? Welcome to Marketing Over Coffee.

I'll be joining in next week with bated breathe and open ears (Guys, I'll take a café au lait decaf please).

Check out John Wall and Christopher S. Penn in conversation over here: Marketing Over Coffee.

By Mitch Joel