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January 30, 2007 8:39 PM

Marketing Martini - A New Marketing Podcast By Bill Sweetman

I can't remember when I first met Bill Sweetman, but I'll guess that it had something to do with both of us being contributors over at One Degree. Sweetman is one of the first real Canadian Digerati and a much sought-after interactive expert.

Along with Blogging over at Sweetmantra, Sweetman made the big leap into the world of Podcasting this week with the launch of Marketing Martini - Internet Marketing Advice Served Straight Up. His first episode, Search Engines Are Dangerously Literal, runs for about seven minutes, so it's a real quick blast of insight (unlike some people, cough, cough - yes, I'm looking at myself).

Here's why I hate Bill Sweetman: This is his first episode and it's just too perfect (I'm over thirty-five deep and still feel like a rank amateur). He takes an often over-looked issue, brings out the content via a true-life story, resolves it and provides an in-depth analysis. Even worse, he's a natural, calm, easy-to-listen-to voice and very warm. He's not scripted, he's passionate and it oozes from every syllable. The world needs more Podcasters like this.

Please don't stop listening to Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast, but do add Bill Sweetman's Marketing Martini into your Podcast line-up.

Find it here: Marketing Martini.

By Mitch Joel