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June 13, 2010 5:02 PM

Marketing In Twenty Minutes (Or Less)

Let's face it, when it comes to getting things done, most people want to do it either quick or easy (ok, sometimes both).

If you have a strategy in place and take the time to build some semblance of (loyalty) - and yes, that can be either online, offline or both - you can push your marketing to be cheap and easy (sort of). The truth is (and there's no big insight here) that the best brands have built up enough equity within their audience that a lot of the tactical execution can become cheap, easy and effective to boot. Remember, cheap and easy doesn't mean annoying and bad.

A Blog does this very well.

No, you can't build your entire Marketing portfolio by simply starting a Blog, but Blogging and many of the other Social Media tools, channels and platforms do allow you to market on-the-fly. I recently sat down with some fairly senior marketing executives and when the topic of Blogs and Blogging came up, many of them reverted back to the old, "I simply don't have enough time in the day to get to Blogging," chestnut. Many of the other Marketing folks who were still updating their Blogs on a fairly frequent basis complained that they still need to allocate a chunk of time to get the Blogging done.

A good strategy should never trump some fast tactics, but...

Whenever you think to yourself, that you need X amount of time to do something (like Blog, create a presentation, whatever...), why not simply allocate twenty minutes (maybe even fifteen) and see how far that road will take you? Odds are you will surprise and impress yourself. The amazing thing about trying (or doing your best) to bang out a Blog post in fifteen minutes is that your thought might not be complete. It might not be one hundred percent ready for "prime time," and because of that, it just might spark an unusual amount of comments or conversation. Plus, by simply mixing things up, you may be creating a new tempo, pulse and flow that ignites some never kinds of innovation or creativity.

You can do some marketing in twenty minutes or less.

Why not try? Why not try to publish a Blog post in fifteen minutes and then point to it via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever online social network you're connected to? You may be both surprised and impressed by the level of conversation, engagement and connections that tiny piece of speedy content can do.

What do you have to lose? Why not give it a try?

By Mitch Joel