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January 12, 2005 9:24 PM

Marketing An Airplane

I woke up at 3:30 am to make an Air Canada flight to Toronto that was supposed to leave at 5:30 am. I did one thing differently than my normal schedule - I left my laptop on over night so I could review my emails on the flight. I also signed up for notification if the flight changes (I do like that functionality from the Air Canada website).

At 3:30 am I see an email that was sent around midnight that my flight was cancelled. No more info. I managed to get on a 6 am flight - but I could have used the extra zzz's. I also would have liked a phone number or some call-to-action other than the word "cancelled."

People who work in this industry - especially up here in Canada - are miserable. Their jobs obviously suck and they have little to no interest in customizing or making the experience better.

How hard would it be to:
- Have a power outlet at every seat so you don't suck laptop battery juice?
- Let you use your mobile devices. Reports show that they don't interrupt with anything.
- Seeing as I am part of their Aeroplan loyalty program, why not have notes that I am nearly 6 foot 2 and have recently had knee surgery - it's a simple and easy task to do - select the type of seat for me instead of me always having to explain the situation.
- Make sure those headphones actually work and don't fritz out every minute.
- Smile... It's free. Trust me, nobody is happy to be here at 4 am.
- There are more but I am tired.

It's always the small stuff. The secret is that it's the easiest and cheapest to fix and it will turn me into a raving fan. Small stuff that few companies do. But when they make that small stuff count - all of a sudden we have new leaders of industry.

Off to see what Toronto offers today (besides rain and fog).

By Mitch Joel