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October 7, 200810:11 AM

Literally Creative

Who needs mash-ups when you can create you own style of music video based on something already popular?

Whether you're a child of the eighties or not, A-ha's video for the song, 'Take On Me', is widely regarded as one of the pop music videos that helped pushed the genre forward and gave it some semblance of legitimacy as an art form.

The world changes. Technology changes. People get creative. YouTube lets anyone (and everyone) become their own little MTV.

Check out this re-done version of the song 'Take On Me' in "literal" form. It's funny. It's irreverent, but more importantly, it demonstrates the power of creativity in the face of knowing that it will only appeal to very small and select niche.

YouTube - Take On Me - Literal Video Version:

What other videos get you thinking differently about what mass media TV was about and what places like YouTube represent?

(hat tip Stephen).

By Mitch Joel