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January 27, 200711:24 PM

It's Twist Image Not Twistimage or TwistImage

I've been noticing that in a lot of Blogs and commentary on Twist Image, there are alternate spellings of the company name that includes: Twistimage and TwistImage. I have no idea where this mutation of Twist Image came from. It's nowhere on the site or Blog. We always make it clear in presentations that it is two separate words.

Any ideas?

The only one that sits well is that our corporate logo does look like one word with the only differentiation being a different color for each word. Could that be the source?

Either way, when I am going through my morning watch list over at Technorati, there are now alerts set up for Twist Image and Twistimage... even if it really is Twist Image. Two words. The way the architects of our language intended it.

It's not a big deal, and certainly not worth a segment on the Inside PR Podcast's Inside Proper English or Grammar Girl's, but it is worthy of a Blog posting in hopes that people will read it and adjust moving forward.

Two sayings spring to mind: "any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right," and "the only bad press is an obituary."

Not sure which one to focus on.

All this coming from a guy who gets called "Joel" almost as frequently as "Mitch" for my first name.

By Mitch Joel