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July 11, 200610:33 AM

Inside PR Episode #15 Podcast

If you're a fan of the Podcast, Inside PR, you might want to check out this week's episode. This is the first time that Terry Fallis and David Jones had a guest co-host, and the honor was given to me.

Turns out that Terry took some time off with the family, so the guys asked me to co-host Inside PR #15.

How could I refuse?

David is certainly on a different Podcast recording schedule than I am. He prefers to record later in the evening. I prefer to sleep.

The results are here for all to hear. We had a long conversation (over an hour)., so my guess is that some of that talk will either make its way into another episode of Inside PR, or I may use some of it for Six Pixels Of Separation.

Inside PR has quickly become one of my favorite Podcasts.

Check out my debut as co-host here: Inside PR - Episode #15.

Terry will be back at the helm with David next week (you can rest easy).

By Mitch Joel