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November 8, 201310:47 AM

In The Age Of Amazon

When companies get big, things happen that are both good and bad.

Amazon is one of those companies. For every person that loves the personalization and ease of shopping, the company has a significant amount of detractors as well. Most people fail to realize just how powerful Amazon has become (here's a cool infographic showing Amazon's acquisitions and investments up until 2009) and how much more of a runway they have (they look at their sales in comparison to Walmart, for example). With that, much has been written about the online company and it's founder, Jeff Bezos. Most recently, Brad Stone (a Businessweek senior writer) published a fascinating book about the company titled, The Everything Store - Jeff Bezos And The Age Of Amazon. I am about to start reading it and have become even more intrigued after the conversation Stone had the other week on Charlie Rose. It comes at an interesting time, if you consider that Bezos' wife, MacKenzie Bezos (who is a novelist), panned the book in a one-star review on Amazon (where else?!?!) that got a ton of media attention. Still, this is  great and quick ten minute conversation about a company that continues to fascinate.

Charlie Rose speaks to Brad Stone about Jeff Bezos and Amazon... 

By Mitch Joel