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February 8, 2007 3:13 PM

How I Work

I got a great email request from Kevin Behringer of Fly Over Marketing. He referred to a very interesting post on Micro Persuasion where Steve Rubel unveils how he works - what tools he uses, etc- You can read it here: How I Work. I have to admit that one of my favorite articles in magazines are the segments where they ask the experts what gear they can-t live without. Rubel agrees - his post was inspired by a Fortune Magazine piece.

So here-s the breakdown of how I work:

I simply can-t live without my BlackBerry 7290 (granted, I am dying to get my hands on the 8700 - hint, hint people at RIM). We don-t have a BlackBerry enterprise email server here at Twist Image, so all email sent goes to both my Outlook and my BlackBerry - which is actually fine for me. Three things I do with my Blackberry to make it more productive: 1. I use a very small font size (System 6) this way I can maximize the amount of email I can see on one screen without scrolling. 2. On the main window, I have moved around the icons to be in the order that I prefer and have hidden most of the ones that I rarely/never use. 3. I use NewsClip where I get all of my RSS feeds on the BlackBerry.

My BlackBerry content - all contact information, notes, tasks etc, are synced with Outlook. I also hardly use any form of paper. I take tons of notes on my BlackBerry - both little things (like Blog topics of interest and books I should pick up) to actual notes in meetings with clients and for writing full-on Blog postings. I got me some fast thumbs.

As for a computer, I don-t have a desktop. I live and breathe via my Sony Vaio VGN TX751P ultra-portable laptop. There are many drawbacks to this laptop (not such a great video or sound card and the onboard memory maxes at one gig) but the highs are much higher than the lows. This Vaio is super light (way under three pounds), ultra tiny and has unbelievable battery power (well over seven hours). I simply love it and treat it as if it were my child (yes, I know how sad that sounds).

When I get into the office, I plug the Vaio into a USB hub so I can sync up my BlackBerry, iPod and charge the M-Audio MicroTrack. I then plug the laptop into a Samsung 930B flat-screen and a Logitech cordless keyboard and mouse combo. I also have Logitech desktop speakers. It-s all very civilized and clean. My office is almost completely empty. I don-t keep files and I definitely don-t have any paper.

Besides Outlook, I use PowerPoint quite a bit and I would trade my right arm for my Logitech wireless remote presenter when I have to speak. It truly is best of breed. I love the built-in timer and the grip of it. It-s the perfect presenting tool for me.

For Web stuff, I-m one hundred percent giddy over Mozilla Firefox. I use the macfox II graphite theme and the only additional icons I have as add-ons are the ones. My starting pages are Google Reader, and Flow (the Twist Image system).

For Blogging, I use MoveableType. I usually write my posts in Word or on my BlackBerry first and then I cut and paste the text into MT. I tag stuff all day, so if nothing strikes me for a Blog post, I-ll hop on my and get inspired.

For Podcasting, I usually record with my Logitech headset directly into the Vaio. I record everything live using CastBlaster. I use for my audio comment line and I transfer the audio comments into MP3s using Audacity. I-ll sometimes use Audacity if I have to edit a sound file, but the truth is, I-m not great at it. I use PowerGramo to record my Skype calls and iTunes to handle my music, videos, etc-

I also do use a regular notebook once in a while - and I love the customized Twist Image notebook covers that we had made for them.

I hope some of this is helpful and I would love to know how you work. Rubel asks that if you Blog about How I Work to tag it with this Technorati tag: How I Work.

By Mitch Joel