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October 3, 2006 9:49 PM

Google Reader - What A RSS Reader Should Be

This is sweet. I've been grappling with Bloglines for the past little while after not getting what I needed out of other RSS readers including My Yahoo!, Google personalized homepage, Netvibes and a handful of other feed-enabled sites and programs that I don't care to mention.

Matt over at Twist Image HQ asked me if I had given Google Reader a go. Truth be told, I had given up. I was happy with Bloglines. Not thrilled, but happy. I gave Google Reader a shot this afternoon, and within a couple of minutes it was up and running and doing, pretty much, what I had hoped other RSS readers would do (but haven't).

First off, a simple export of the OPML file from Bloglines and an import into Google Reader went off without a hitch. I was also able to sort the unique feed posts by only showing me new entries I have not read while maintaining my full list of feeds in another section. Love it.

If you've been wrestling with finding the right RSS reader, give Google Reader a try and let me know if you're loving it as much as I am.

Grab it here: Google Reader.

By Mitch Joel