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August 18, 2006 6:56 AM

Give A Little Love To This Coke Ad

My guess is you don't have to know what Grand Theft Auto is to appreciate the awesomeness of this Coke ad.

In a day and age where we all (hopefully) follow the insights put forward by Joseph Jaffe in his book, Life After The 30-Second Spot, I know that it's ads like this Coke one that make the 30-second spot work. And, it's for many reasons:

1. The overall creative and execution is near-perfect.

2. You don't have to know what Grand Theft Auto is to get the commercial. We all know that video games are violent and this spin is brilliant.

3. You can begin to imagine the extensions that can be created based on this ad.

4. Uploading it to YouTube (and don't discount that this might have been done either by the agency that created the ad or Coke) probably gives them access to the exact target market... and it's much cheaper than a media buy.

5. Bloggers, Podcasters, etc... are talking about it (like me), and that speaks volumes. You won't find many of us (like me) espousing the beauty of a television ad.

6. It will be (it is) highly viral.

Check it out here: Grand Theft Auto Coke Ad.

By Mitch Joel