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December 19, 2010 1:25 PM

Getting To The Work

How often do you go about your work day and then realize that you have to get out of there to get the real work done?

It's interesting, isn't it? For the most part, many of us need to "get away" from our day-to-day work lives to get the real work done. It doesn't make any sense, does it?

There is help (sort of).

Jason Fried has been looking at productivity and collaboration since before the creation of his very edgy and popular company, 37 Signals. He also recently co-authored the best-selling business book, Rework, with his partner at 37 Signals, David Heinemeier Hansson (who also created the powerful programming framework, Ruby On Rails). His TED Talk, Why work doesn't happen at work, is both enlightening and heartbreaking. It shows us all this new and obvious path to productivity (the enlightening part) while highlighting the stupid things that many of us do (my hand is raised) to sabotage the great work (the heartbreaking part).

Take 15 minutes out of your constantly interrupted day to watch this...

By Mitch Joel