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March 10, 200910:20 PM

Fresh Content

There is no way around it. One of the only ways to really get ahead in executing a compelling and engaging online social media program it to constantly and consistently produce fresh content.

It's almost laughable to read some of the Blogs and online columns about how to build your network of connections, or how to optimize your online environments if you really don't have the time, effort and insight to focus on creating fresh and energized content. All of the "friends" and all of the links in the world won't save you or help make anything you're doing a real success. The true value in anything you're doing is going to be based on how much relevant and powerful content you are producing for your audience and community.

This is why it can't only be about Twitter and commenting on other Blogs.

Twitter does produce some of the freshest content on the Web, but it's getting increasingly more difficult to really wrap your head (hands or any other part of your body) around it. There are just too many brilliant 140-character blasts to really shine above all of the clutter. As best as I can see it, Twitter is an amazing supplement to a more strategic core focus on creating content where Twitter adds some colour, links and insights to your larger conversation.

It's not just about creating a Blog.

While anyone can Blog, it doesn't mean that everyone should Blog (clarification: when it comes to a business Blog, proceed with caution. If it's for personal use, Blog away!). So, the question becomes: what kind of fresh content can you create? Is it text, audio, video or images?

Producing fresh content will help grow your business in four unique ways:

1. In the loop. Forcing yourself to constantly come up with something fresh will really keep you on top of your industry and how things are evolving.

2. The Long Tail. By having a steady flow of fresh content, over time you will build up a never-ending supply of traffic with links and other cool stuff that will help your ranking in the search engines.

3. People will want to connect to you. Great content does find its audience. Over time, people will come to know you, will want to connect with you and will be there for you to help your business build, grow and become successful.

4. You will understand your customers better. By listening to the comments and seeing how people find your content and connect to it, you will have some amazing insights into what your customers really want, what their level of knowledge is, and how you can better serve their needs.

Anything else to add or is creating fresh content overrated?

By Mitch Joel