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July 1, 2005 2:01 PM

Edy's Dibs - Bite Sized Ice Cream Snacks

I don't know why I find this unique, but I do. Edy's Ice Cream recently launched Dibs - Bite Sized Ice Cream Snacks - in "exciting" flavors like: Chocolate with Chocolaty Coating, Mint with Chocolaty Coating, Vanilla with Chocolaty Coating, Vanilla with Nestle Crunch Coating and Vanilla with Nestle Drumstick Coating.

No, I am not making up those flavors and no I am not making up the product.

So what's the big deal?

Scooping is always a pain. You usually have to leave your pint out for a bit just to let the ice cream melt. If you have kids (I don't, but I'm around them plenty), you know they love ice cream but they're not big fans of the napkin or sticklers for keeping the ice cream in either the bowl or their mouths.

So Edy's took a super-old snack and made it easy to eat like popcorn. Imagine, now you can sit back on your couch and toss these bit sized bad boys back until you're nauseous. You can also easily manage the amount you're giving your kids as a handful may be more than enough (while the bowl needs to look pretty full for best effect).

The packaging is simple - same ice cream carton as before. The concept is also very simple and that's why it's unique, noteworthy and interesting. Now I am curious to see if ice cream fanatics will put away their scoopers, bowls and spoons to snap back these ice cream nuggets. After all, isn't the scooper, bowl and spoon part of the fun?

By Mitch Joel